A Letter Home

Letters from far away places are so exciting!  Our family receives  emails monthly from followers of Jesus around the globe…Pakistan, Philippines, Mauritania, and Liberia.  They are from normal people who are so captured by the love of Jesus that they have to share it with others.  These missionary letters share about friendships that are forming with those seeking Truth.  They tell of opportunities to talk about faith in Jesus with co-workers and as they go about their daily activities.  Through the power of Holy Spirit, their everyday lives consist of big and small ways they live out Jesus love to those around them among different people groups.

After reading one of these letters I was struck by the fact that my life is no different – I’m called in the same way to share the love of Jesus with my “people group” in the community I live.  I started dreaming about what my letter home to friends and supporters might say.  I could share how I’m praying for courage and opportunities to spend time and show love to my seeking neighbor. I would ask for prayer for Holy Spirit power and wisdom in the time I spend with other women and in Bible studies. With joy I would celebrate the compassion and growing unity of a Sunday night group that meets in our home.   I would ask for prayer for wisdom in how to invest my time in the coming season.

It’s quite an epiphany to think through the activities of our lives through the grid of God’s Kingdom purposes.  Even mundane activities can bristle with eternal purposes. It’s  a fascinating and inspiring thought that God wants to use every believer to bring His glorious Kingdom on earth….these God adventures are not reserved for a noble few in far away places….we are all God’s Missionaries…What would your letter home say?

Matthew 5:16 “…let your good deeds shine out for all to see,                                                so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.