My Mouth Will Tell!

" My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, of your saving acts all day long –
    though I know not how to relate them all." Psalm 71:15

I'm writing while in a daze of jet lag and exhaustion from a 51 hour journey home from the Southern Philippines. Like the Psalmist, I'm at a loss to know how to relate all the saving acts and wonders God has done and continues to do among these unreached people.  We were privileged to visit some small coastal villages where life is simple and difficult.  The people are poor and living conditions are primitive but their beautiful faces radiate with smiles and love for each other.  With 3 doctors and a team of servant-hearted Filipinos, Americans and Germans we were able to provide Medical clinics on 3 different days.  We served as translator, photographer, counselor, as well as in registration, pharmacy and coordinating fun crafts for kids and adults. Over 400 hundred patients were served and each of these towns witnessed a unified group of passionate Christ followers who were willing to sacrifice much to come and show them God's love.  Our lives and service were a tangible expression of the presence of God and we are praying for much fruit in the souls of these precious ones.  Here are some of the stories we experienced.  I'll share in three parts over the next few days.

Day One - "Alex"

A few years back my husband had the privilege of learning basic acupuncture techniques from a brilliant Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Alex Corte from Germany.  Our dear Dr. Alex has been recently diagnosed with ALS and was unable to join us on this recent medical outreach.  Each time Royal is able to provide relief through acupuncture we are so thankful for Dr. Alex and his legacy of loving medical care.  On the first day of our recent clinics an elderly man approached us.  He was limping and leaning to one side due to intense back and leg pain and was unable to touch his toes or get up out of a chair unaided. Royal asked him to walk on a line and he could hardly do it. Dr Royal was able to use acupuncture on his tight muscles as well as a cortisone injection for the pain radiating down his leg.  We all lifted our hands and fervently prayed for healing in the name of Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ). After  just few minutes the biggest smile came on his face and he said all his pain was gone.  Royal asked him again to walk on a line and now he could do it easily, even starting to kick his legs up in the air.  He had attracted a crowd by now and showed off bending down to touch his toes over and over with much laughter.  As we were preparing to say goodbye I reached for his registration form to see his name.  Fighting to hold back tears I told them all, "His name is Alex."



Al was led by the hand to sit next to Dr. Royal in the medical clinic - plastic chairs in the middle of a basketball court in sweltering tropical heat.  He was middle age and tall but looked thin and gaunt from long illness. His eyes were so sad and expression was hopeless. About 5 years earlier he had been working for a banana farm and his exposure to pesticides had brought on adrenal failure like Addison's disease.  He could no longer work and lived dependent on friends.  Although drenched with sweat, Royal was overjoyed to tell him we had brought the life restoring medicines he needed and could supply him with ample amount.  We prayed in the name of Isa al-Masih that through the medicine and God's healing power this man's life could be restored.

Stay tuned for Day Two.....

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