Philippine Adventure - Part Three

One of the biggest blessing of this trip was the generosity of  3 of Royal's Simi Valley patients who donated funding for the purchase of life saving medicines.  These giving souls gave abundantly so we could buy bulk antibiotics, diabetes and high blood pressure meds as well as cures for scabies, coughs and colds. We could now give abundantly to many who have suffered greatly.  Many times a medicine that cost pennies could alleviate years of pain and discomfort.  

Alim's Baby

Our dear friend Alim is a follower of Jesus who is a light and presence of God in his community.  His 1 year old daughter had been whimpering in pain for several days.  At great expense they had taken her for blood tests to rule out Dengue fever.  Thankfully she was cleared for that but the doctors would do nothing else for the baby unless they paid many pesos.  In this area many will sell long-held family land or belongings just to get basic medical care and treatment and are often taken advantage of by crooked physicians.  In just a few minutes Dr Royal peeked in her ear to see a painful middle ear infection.  We were able to provide just the right antibiotic and pain medicine she needed.  Alim and his wife could now rest easy knowing their precious baby would soon be well.



On our 3rd clinic day a young girl sat down in the plastic chair to be our next patient.  She was 18 but looked much younger.  Her expression was completely stoic and emotionless, like she wasn't even there as she cradled her badly bruised right arm.  I picked up her registration form and stared in disbelief as I read "Her arm is broken."  As Dr. Royal gently examined her upper arm he could easily feel the bad break in her bone.  A week earlier this sweet girl had fallen out of a bunk bed and she had walked around for 6 days in excruciating pain, unable to afford medical care in a distant town. We quickly made a rough sling, gave her some tylenol for pain and lifted her up in prayer.  Many times in this situation a persons' broken bone will heal wrong and in an unatural way rendering the person handicapped for the rest of their life.  Through our wonderful team, Sally was transported the next day to town 2 hours away where her bone was mercifully set and cast.  Thanks to God's provision she can now look forward to a full recovery and hope for her future.