Stories From the Ends of the Earth

Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets,  you inspire shouts of joy.Psalm 65:8

Traveling to remote areas in Asia takes around 24 hours and you mysteriously lose a whole day.  It truly feels like traveling to the "ends of the earth!"  We found this Psalm to be true and we have to share our shouts of joy today.

"Alhamsa" came to us on the second medical day.  Although he wasn't an old man, his body was wasted and every move made him cringe with pain.  In just a few moments Dr Royal suspected Potts Disease, where untreated Tuberculosis attacks the bones.  Ironically the nearby barangay health center will provide free treatment for tuberculosis, but we were concerned he would have to wait for their lengthy diagnosis process.  We prayed God would use medicine and His healing power to relieve this man's suffering.  Our friend escorted him personally to the local health center.  In just a few moments all the paperwork was done and within the hour our friend ran back to tell us excitedly, "Alhamsa is actually getting his first treatment injection right now!"  This man can expect a full recovery and relief of his agony because of a divine appointment with a compassionate doctor who is living in abundant surrender to God's adventurous kingdom purposes.

"Aissa" came with her stack of test reports and ultrasound pictures.  This young woman had felt a large mass growing in her abdomen and spent a fortune to have these diagnostic tests at the hospital in town.  Surgery was recommended and she came to Dr. Royal to ask if there were any other way.  In order to get a surgery here, the total amount must be paid upfront. Here there is no such thing as medical insurance or credit and many times people will sell family land or ask for huge loans from family members, taking years to pay back. This tragic reality is the hopeless plight of these poor and oppressed people.  As kindly as he could, Dr. Royal said the only possibility for saving her life was indeed the expensive surgery.  We prayed for God to heal miraculously and to provide for "Aissa" to get this life saving surgery.

"Mina" is a bright eyed 18 year old student at the local University.  Our friends who live permanently in this region reach out to students from minority tribes who come to school with little funds and support.  "Mina" came to our clinic without any medical issues.  She just came to help out and to say thanks.  You see the year before she came to Dr Dean after suffering for 2 years with a painful skin rash on her foot.  We were able to offer her a simple cure that cost only pennies. She joyfully told Dr Dean how her parents back home in her village had told her to specifically express their thanks.  This girl and her family got a taste of Gods care and love through this medical outreach.  She has become an active part of our student center growing closer to God. What a thrill to watch our Father draw many to Himself from the "ends of the earth!"

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