Freely Give

We are so thankful for another incredible trip to the Philippines to help bring the love of God to a beautiful tribe of people.  We joined an amazingly passionate and efficient team for 4 days of medical clinics to villages with little or no healthcare.  The traveling was rough, heat was intense, mosquitoes were insidious but the smiles of happy patients and the adventure of seeing God's love invading the darkness greatly overshadowed any discomforts. My husband and I have been captured by the work of God in this beautiful people group, with Dr Royal going over 20 times. Over the next few days I'd love to invite you into the stories of lives being changed by the loving presence of God.

As we prepared to leave home I was challenged to pray Jesus  words as we served.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!  Matthew 10:8

On the first day of clinics, we had a bumpy, 45 minute drive to a community nearby. They have simple wood and cement houses with unpaved roads traveled by motorcycles, 3 person trikes, cars and a menagerie of wandering animals and children.  One of our first patients,"Mudim" was a strong, hard working young man.  As Dr. Royal examined and got to know him better we could tell he was trying to ask us a question.  Finally through our precious translator we understood. Looking around at the donated medicine, 3 doctors and 2 dentists caring for hundreds of people he was asking "Is all this really for free?" Royal caught my eye and just smiled at me as we saw Jesus' words were being lived out in that moment. We told him we have received overabundantly from God and it is our privilege to offer this medical care, counseling and medicine just the same way - freely. "Mudim" was relieved and happy to join us in a prayer of thanks to God for His blessings.

"Sara" -Our last patient of the day was young girl of 18 with a gorgeous smile and Downs Syndrome.  The third world is a terrible place for disabled people, lacking many services and support of any kind for Sara.  She was brought by her amazing mother to see our doctors and wonderful nursing/medical students.  Her body was covered with black infected skin rashes.  The mother had spent much of her income for doctors trying to control her daughter's painful struggles.  After only a few moments, they asked if Sara had ever been tested for diabetes.  After a simple pin prick blood test her results were in- out of control blood sugar had caused her body to be ravaged by skin irritations.  Through the generosity of people back home we were blessed to have an ample supply of just the right medicine she needed - her skin infections could soon be healed. And yet there was more ministry and healing that was needed.  This young mom sobbed about her shame at being a bad mother and asked what had caused her to have a disabled child. Our sweet team cried with her and reassured her that "Sara's" life was indeed a great blessing!  Our loving God had given "Sara" the best mom possible and he would continue to give her strength to care for "Sara."  Mom and daughter left with pockets full of medicine and hearts full of renewed,courageous hope!

Check back tomorrow for more stories....

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